Leading software platform for Connected Transportation and Fleet Management

A software solution to help you manage your entire fleet and workforce in real-time from one screen and see what is happening remotely in the field.


Live Tracking

You can’t judge what you can’t see! Get a birds-eye view of your entire assets and drivers in real-time on interactive maps.

Enterprise Dashboard

Powerful adjustable dashboard with focus to see all relevant and important data in one view to keep up to date with performance in real time.

Experience the future of Mobile Workforce with our FAMS Mobile Workforce Apps Experience the future of Mobile Workforce with our FAMS Mobile Workforce Apps
Experience the future of Mobile Workforce with our FAMS Mobile Workforce Apps

Real-time location and shift tracking of your on-field staff.


POI & Landmarks

Point Of Interest is a multi-purpose feature, which allows you to define your customers, vendors, service points, and your company’s offices and track what vehicle or workforce visited these points and the duration of those visits.

Digital Mapping

Our powerful FAMS GIS engine is an interactive mapping engine that allows the user to easily switch between different maps and show/hide different data layers on top of these maps.

Various maps are supported, including:

Maintenance & Services

Easily manage the preventive and corrective maintenance of your vehicles and machinery through our intuitive maintenance management module.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Easily manage all data about your vehicles and assets in one platform.

  • Assign your vehicles to different groups for an easier management
  • Upload and manage all the documents
  • Assign and manage designated work shifts
  • Link drivers to vehicles
  • Manage telematics devices and IoT sensors
  • Track & manage preventive maintenance schedules
Create and manage your team and assign them different access rights
  • Role-based user hierarchy
  • Limit users to certain vehicles only
  • Limit users to certain modules only
  • Create temporary users with a preset account expiry date
One place to easily manage the data of your workforce.
  • Upload and manage documents
  • Assign and manage work shifts
  • Assign and manage groups (teams)
Improve shift compliance and limit 
  • Control shifts for vehicles and for drivers
  • Limit vehicle access (for example on weekends)
  • Get notified about shift violations via Email/SMS
  • Limit “out of shift” drives
Vehicle & Assets

Alarm Management (Alerts & Notifications)

Our industry leading proprietary technology makes it easy to configure complex events. There are thousands of use cases that can be created with instant alerts to be sent via Email/SMS or Push notification.

Combine and configure different events to suit your requirement:

Comprehensive Reports

With our powerful reporting system, it’s easy to find the necessary information which is interactively displayed on maps, graphs, and tables: